Turnkey Solutions

Our business model is turn-key rental of fully branded immersive Sphere Screen solutions that engage everyone who comes within view.  Our immersive screen with surround sound captures a crowd.


Unlimited Branding Opportunities

We deliver custom-branded displays that are social media ready.  Your logos and marks are positioned for maximum visibility, increasing your brand’s exposure when included in pictures or videos posted on any social media platform.


Flexibility to play wide range of content

We know that your audience can be fickle and so we can run a wide range of application on our PC platform.


Sphere Screen has the flexibility to run ANY Windows application such as:

  • Games & Simulations
    • Online games
    • Downloaded games
    • Driving Simulation
    • Military Simulation
  • Desktop Applications
    • CAD/BIM 
    • MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
    • Planetarium & scientific software
  • Browser-based content
    • Google Earth
    • OnShape CAD 
    • Gigapixel Images
    • 4K 360 video