SphereScreen meets Sim Racing

SphereScreen with iRacing

Quick clip showing the immersive experience of iRacing on SphereScreen Model 5180.

SphereScreen calibration for military simulation

This short video illustrates the calibration process (sped up) and MetaVR VRSG 6.3 image generator.

What's Happening

Additional Applications for SphereScreen

Brand Activations

Looking to draw a crowd for an experiential marketing campaign? Sphere Screen is a visual magnet that stands out  in crowded spaces and brings people in.

Recruiting Events

Sphere Screen is an ideal way to engage the 15 - 30 year old target audience.  Especially effective at job fairs for technical positions.

Product Launches

Do you have a new game or technical product to launch? Sphere Screen will capture a crowd and pull them into your message, leaving a memorable impression.

Immersive Virtual Tours

There is no more effective display than Sphere Screen on which viewers can experience your content without the need for VR goggles.

Sponsor Engagement

Looking for a creative way to showcase your cause to sponsors?  Use Sphere Screen to make a powerful impression while telling your story.

Immersive Storytelling

If you have an immersive story to tell quickly and effectively in a public setting and want to avoid the hassle and hygiene issues of VR goggles, Sphere Screen is your solution.


Turn-key services

SphereScreen is a novel approach to public messaging and clients may need assistance with optimizing delivery of their immersive experience.  We offer a wide range of services to support your successful deployment:

Planning - Successful activations depend upon comprehensive planning.  In collaboration with our marketing partners we will participate in the entire planning process to insure maximum effectiveness.

Content Creation - The best immersive experiences are built upon use of the right kinds of content.  Typically, this can include video games, virtual reality simulations, 360-degree video, and ultra-high-resolution images.  We will work with you to create the package that is ideally suited to meet your objectives.

Deployment – Our services can include the complete, turn-key design, delivery, installation, and management of the Sphere Screen for your event.

Event Staffing - we can provide staffing for your Sphere Screen activation, appropriately trained to represent your brand in the way and to the level you desire.

Learn More

Sphere Screen opens a whole new world of possibilities and we know you will have questions beyond what we can address here.  Please reach out for a phone conversation to begin a dialog.

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About Us

Military simulation heritage


We bring a decade of experience in military simulation to raise the bar of the immersive experience.    Our spherical displays provide a VR like experience without the need for goggles that isolate you from those around you.  

Our Location

We are located in Boston, the hot bed of eSports and game development.

Our Team

We are a team of creative professionals who have leveraged our collective military and simulation experience to bring this best-in-class immersive display technology to the market.  Our backgrounds are multifaceted which yields a broad array of perspective and capabilities.